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Stop by D’Hanis, Texas

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Those who stumble across D’Hanis, Texas, tend to be explorers: people who heed the call of the open road; travelers who take the long way home. It is worth a stop, to be sure, especially if you’ve a camera in hand. Catch the sun setting behind the Old Dominic Church Cemetery and Ruins, or rising over the old D’Hanis Brick Factory.


Visit the Old Brick Factory in D'Hanis Texas.

One of the charms of this South Texas town is its very remoteness. D’Hanis is a mere hour west of San Antonio, but it is largely forgotten in modern times. It is so quiet here it’s tempting to call it a ghost town; but make no mistake, D’Hanis Texas is for the living.

A D’Hanis TX Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place to escape from hectic lives. You’ll want to bring a good book – or two. Bring the person with whom you most enjoy conversation, and spend hours talking together. There are few external distractions in D’Hanis; you may feel compelled to sit quietly and relax.

One final point: if you like Chicken Fried Steak, be sure to stop by Bill and Rosa’s KK Steakhouse for a most delicious and generous serving of that southern treat.


Spring in Seguin, Texas,

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Seguin Texas Bed and Breakfasts make a great base for exploring South Texas and the Texas Hill Country. San Antonio is just thirty five miles away, Austin fifty miles, and New Branfels less than twenty miles from this peaceful historic town.

candied pecans

Don't leave Seguin without pecans.

By the end of February, wildflowers in the Guadelupe Valley will be peaking. Birds such as Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Green Kingfishers, and Crested Caracaras will be looking for mates. The temperature will be just right – not too hot, not too cold.

Plan a Seguin Texas Bed and Breakfast vacation for early spring, when the community blossoms along with wildflowers. Festivals such as the Noche de Gala, Main Street Trade Days, and the Cajun Jamboree fill the calendar. Enjoy walking tours that highlight the historic limestone architecture of Seguin and feast on locally grown pecans. Wonderful.

Visit San Antonio

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

San Antonio Riverwalk, originally uploaded by cbcastro.

San Antonio is one of the most glorious cities in the United States. Come see for yourself, and stay in a San Antonio bed and breakfast.

San Antonio’s Historic Architecture

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Travelers come to San Antonio, Texas for many reasons, not least of which is to admire the beautiful architecture of the city.

The next time you are planning a getaway to a San Antonio bed and breakfast, bring your camera. The historic buildings in and around the city, like the Mission pictured here, make lovely subjects.

Misiones de San Antonio, Texas, originally uploaded by Patzcuaro.

San Antonio Texas Folklife Festival

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

There are many reasons to visit San Antonio, Texas and stay in a lovely San Antonio bed and breakfast: walk along the cool, shaded San Antonio River Walk; visit the San Antonio Museum of Art; see The Alamo. These are all good reasons to head to this beautiful South Texas city, to be sure. Yet if you are thinking of traveling soon, consider heading to San Antonio for┬áthe Texas Folklife Festival. (more…)

Idyllic Spots in South Texas

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

You’ll find the little slice of heaven pictured above just north of Castroville, in South Texas.

Spring is an excellent time to hop in the car and meander about, with no particular destination in mind. If you live in – or are visiting – San Antonio, you’ll find many lovely towns to explore. Throw an overnight bag in the car, have a list of South Texas bed and breakfasts in hand, and away you go.

Castroville is about a thirty minute drive west of San Antonio. The town is nestled in the Medina River Valley, and is known as the Little Alsace of Texas.

There is a festive air to this little town. Stop by on the first Friday night of each month for Fiorella Fridays, where you’ll encounter live music in September Square, wine tasting, and artisans selling their wares. If you are in town on April 22, 2010, you may want to check out the 5th Annual Fiesta on London Street’s Spring Mixer. Saturday April 24, 2010 is the Renaissance Fair – come in costume! (more…)

The San Antonio Symphony

Friday, February 5th, 2010

San Antonio, Texas, is a city that appreciates music. Twenty six ethnic groups settled in San Antonio during the 18th century, and they brought their music traditions with them. Spaniards, Germans, French, Norwegians, Swedes, Italians…. the list goes on. Indeed, it is said that you don’t need to travel around the world to encounter all the world’s cultures, you just need to travel to San Antonio – where you should stay in San Antonio bed and breakfasts.

Manuel Barrueco. Photo by Stephen Spartana

The San Antonio Symphony does a tremendous job presenting a variety of musical influences and styles. One upcoming event that should not be missed takes place February 12 and 13, 2010, at the Majestic Theatre: Concierto de Aranjuez. David Angus will conduct, and Manuel Barrueco will take center stage on guitar. (more…)

Relaxing Small Towns in South Texas

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

If you feel the need to escape the bustle of the San Antonio, head to the nearby small towns of Castroville or D’Hanis. Stay in a quiet bed and breakfast and feel the tension ease from your body.

The St. Louis Cathedral in Castroville is a great example of the fantastic architecture you’ll find around the Little Alsace of Texas, as Castroville is affectionately called thanks to the Alsatian settlers who founded it.

Check out the annual Castroville Old Fashion Christmas, Saturday December 5. There will be arts and crafts as well as a variety of tasty foods to tempt the palate.

While in town, be sure to visit Castroville Regional Park, where majestic trees grow out of the Medina River.

D’Hanis, not far to the north of Castroville, is another charming town with Alsatian roots. Visitors will enjoy the old Fort Lincoln, along with the lovely ruins of St. Dominicus Church.

St Louis, Castroville TX, originally uploaded by dallasbear.

Texas Bird Watching

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Texas is a fantastic state for bird enthusiasts. It has miles of coastline, grassland, scrubland, and mountains, and a climate that varies from semi-arid to downright drippy. In short, Texas is diverse, and it has a diverse bird population. Three-quarters of all species of American birds can be found in Texas – and they are waiting to be viewed by you.

Whooping Cranes

Whooping Cranes

Rare Whooping Cranes, pelicans and roseate pelicans are but a few of the species that populate the almost 650 miles of coastline in the Texas Gulf Coast region. A trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the San Antonio Bay – between Corpus Christi and Houston – is essential for anyone interested in bird watching in Texas. Over 115,000 acres on the Blackjack Peninsula, Matagorda Island and more provide a haven for migratory birds, including the endangered whooping crane. (more…)

San Antonio River Walk

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The San Antonio River Walk is one of the most delightful areas of Texas. It evokes Europe, which is known for fantastic public spaces. As you walk the river, you will notice waterfalls and reflective pools, inviting side paths and relaxing patios. Many shops, galleries and cafes line the bank of the south end of the river. There you will also find a variety of restaurants, most of which offer cooling mists in the hotter months.

The north section of the River Walk, lined with many public art installations, provides more of a retreat from urban San Antonio. This new “Museum Reach” has recently opened, and connects the existing River Walk with the San Antonio Museum of Art and the 125 year old Pearl Brewery. The Museum did a fantastic job converting the old brick brewery in to galleries; indeed, the architecture of the museum is as worthy of admiration as the museum exhibits. Some of the best views of the city are found both from inside the museum and from the new, expansive pavilion by the river.

Stay at a San Antonio bed and breakfast and get to know this beautiful city. The San Antonio River Walk is a magical place.