Athens, Texas and the Christmas Park Land of Lights

The Christmas Park Land of Lights in Athens, TXJust about an hour southeast of Dallas is the town of Athens, Texas. Known as “the Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World,” among other things but, come the holiday season, Athens becomes home to the Christmas Park Land of Lights.

Now imagine, if you will, over four million lights, combined with over 2,000 wood cut-outs to make up over 60 Christmas themed scenes on a motor trail that stretches out over one mile long.

Okay, I’m picturing you squeezing your eyes shut to try and imagine the scene I just described and I can tell you’re pulling a blank. Well, don’t feel bad. It’s a heckuva task I’ve saddled you with. I’m not sure I could do it, either. Might as well bite the bullet and get on down to Athens in order to see it for yourself, I figure.

Many of the scenes are motion controlled and there are six tunnels to drive through, eight arches to pass under, and a concession stand to, well, to recover at, I suppose. I hear tell they’ve even got Santa down there.

Christmas Park Land of Lights was started in 1998 and it gets a little bit bigger each year as they add new scenes and lights to the attraction. The bulk of the thing is home grown, too, with almost all the wood and metal displays having been constructed by hand right there in the park.

The crowd the park attracts gets bigger each year, too. People come from all over the country to drive through the amazing display.

The idea, the park creators say, is that the twinkling lights and fun displays brings out the child in all of us and help to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Sounds like something we might all could use.

Christmas Land Park of Lights

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