East Texas is in Bloom

Azalea Trail Tyler Texas

Ah, azaleas. They're in bloom right now in Tyler, Texas.

Spring means azaleas and dogwoods and tulips and wisteria in East Texas. It’s a wonderful time to spend a few days in an East Texas Bed and Breakfast.

The Azalea Trail is in full bloom right now in Tyler, Texas. This celebration of spring flowers lasts through April 8, 2012. Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to spend as much time as possible appreciating flowers.

  • Take the Tyler State Park Dogwood Days Driving and Walking Tour.
  • Walk the Azalea Trail through town.
  • Stroll through the Main Street Flower Market.
  • Admire orchids at the Central East Texas Orchid Market.


If it can bloom in spring, it will be celebrated in and around Tyler Texas. Leave your allergies at home (or bring your allergy medicine), and come celebrate spring in East Texas.


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