Avast and Welcome Aboard The Black Dragon!

Welcome Aboard The Black Dragon CruisIf you’ve a kid or two who is a pirate enthusiast – or if you just so happen to be a kid at heart, yourself – you wont want to miss out on a Black Dragon Cruise!

The Black Dragon is a 75 foot long, nearly five story tall, replica of a 17th century galleon decked out (pun intended) as a pirate ship and available for tours from Osprey Cruises at South Padre Island and Port Isabel, Texas.

A modern, fully sea-worthy vessel with the latest in marine technologies below the waterline and behind the scenes, above water, the ship is a voyage back in time to an era when pirates, like Jean Lafitte, terrorized the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Jean Lafitte was a famous French privateer and pirate who sailed his ship in the waters of the gulf early in the 19th century. Legend has it that he made Port Isabel his home. Now you can imagine yourself sailing alongside him as he cruises the waters of the gulf coast looking for prey!

Allow yourself to be captured by the pirate crew of the Black Dragon and set sail upon the waters of the Laguna Madre. Hear the pirate’s stories and vigorous sea chanteys, thrill to their sword fighting and tales of buried treasure. Gulp down pirate grog and laugh around mouthfuls of pirate grub as they tell their ridiculous pirate jokes and engage in full-flung, water pistol battles (as everyone knows, pirates were the ones who invented water pistols. Oh, wait – no they weren’t … oh, well).

All cruises aboard the Black Dragon include being entertained by a crew of surprisingly amiable pirates who will regale you with face painting, treasure hunts, cannon firings and other piratical practices – Arrrrrrr! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the dolphins that are sighted on nearly every cruise, matey!

Osprey Cruises Black Dragon Pirate Ship

For more details, please visit: ospreycruises.com/the-black-dragon-pirate-ship/

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