Great Texas Birding Classic

Look for graceful egrets during the 2011 Great Texas Birding Classic.

The 15th Annual Great Texas Birding Classic takes place April 9 – 15, 2011. Birders will be flocking to the Gulf Coast of Texas with binoculars in hand to view the spring bird migration. Many of them will be staying in Gulf Coast Texas Bed and Breakfasts.

The Great Texas Birding Classic is intended to be both a fun event and a serious “birding for conservation tournament”. Each year, teams compete to see who can spot and record the most bird species in a given period of time. The winning teams will choose the conservation projects to be awarded Conservation Grant Grand Prizes.

More than 400 bird species have been spotted along the Texas Gulf Coast during the spring migration. Many bird species are strongly impacted by the loss or alteration of their temporary habitat. The Great Texas Birding Classic helps raise awareness about the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, and contributes funds towards conservation.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep and a breakfast that will fuel you through hours of scanning the skies at Texas Gulf Coast Bed and Breakfasts.

Visit the Great Texas Birding Classic for additional information.

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