Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Texas Boardwalk originally uploaded by mrchriscornwell.

October is a good time to bring out your inner child – not with tantrums, but with enthusiasm and a deep sense of wonder. Few places embrace the inner child like Kemah Texas. This Texas Gulf Coast town features a lively boardwalk, complete with ferris wheel (pictured above), roller coaster, and cotton candy.

While Kemah is a great destination for families looking for diversion, it is also a fine place for romantic getaways. Kemah Texas is nestled between the Gulf Coast and Clear Lake. There are miles of waterfront where couples may stroll hand and hand, numerous eateries, and nightly entertainment. Enjoy big views and a cuddle at the top of the ferris wheel, and clutch one another while rushing along in the roller coaster.

The boardwalk area of Kemah is lively, but steps away from it is a quiet, coastal town. Less than an hour from Houston (even in traffic) Kemah Texas bed and breakfasts are the perfect place for city dwellers to find rest and relaxation.

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