Padre Island – Beach Time

They say it’s always beach time in Corpus Christi, Texas. The same could be said for any town along the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. It’s almost always warm here, so why not make time to lounge on the beach?

Padre Island Sunset

Sunset over Padre Island.

Texas Bed and Breakfasts are located along the Gulf Coast in such towns as Port Aransas, Fulton, Rockport, and Corpus Christi. Since summer is approaching, the need for cooling Gulf breezes or a dip in the water is even more pressing than ever.

It would be easy to spend a month exploring the Padre Island National Seashore, which is close to quite a few¬†Texas Bed and Breakfasts. Said to be “the longest stretch of undeveloped Barrier Island in the world”, Padre Island is well worth a look.

Protected coastline stretches for 70 miles and encompasses a coastal prairie, dunes, and tidal flats. There are nesting grounds for sea turtles and a 1554 Spanish Shipwreck. Top this off with a healthy eco-system rich in wildlife, and you’ve got Padre Island.

All types of recreation are available, from wind surfing to snorkeling to diving and fishing. You can bring binoculars and spend hours scanning the horizon for endangered birds, or bring your fishing pole and find a spot to sit and wait for the tug of the line. You can swim, ride a bike, or comb the beach.

Padre Island is a place that has to be experienced in the flesh. Do it this summer if you can.

Additional information may be found at Padre Island.

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