South Padre Island New Years Eve 2014

What makes a South Padre Island New Year’s Eve so noteworthy?

Well, for one thing, South Padre Island is known as the “Official Beach Bar Capital of Texas,” helping to qualify it as one of THE best places on earth to spend New Year’s Eve. South Padre Island is also just a great place to visit no matter what time of year it is – but you’d be hard pressed to find a place more perfect for your New Year’s celebrations!

Typical pastimes on South Padre Island – or SPI, as it’s known – involve things like spending time on the endless beaches playing volleyball, swimming, building sandcastles, throwing the old football or frisbee around, that kind of thing: beach activities! You can also rent bikes, do some fishing off a pier, get out on the water with a stand-up paddleboard or give landboard sailing a try (you’ve got to see this to believe it) … or just kick back on the sand with a drink near one of the aforementioned beach bars.

You’re going to need your rest if you’re plan to make it to midnight, after all.

As the iconic, last moments of 2013 approach, bars and restaurants up and down the beaches of South Padre Island will be hosting their own parties with lively bands, specials on food and drink, noisemakers, and confetti. Whether you’re looking for an upscale, dressy New Year’s Eve celebration, the raucous glitter and fun of an event with loud music and dancing, or something more intimate and casual, South Padre Island’s beach bars can accommodate.

south Padre Island New Year's Eve 2014Many simply enjoy walking from one venue to the next, sampling the ambiance of all that they can: a view of the South Padre Island New Year’s Eve strata, if you will.

And then, at midnight, the fireworks begin – and what a show! You haven’t experienced New Year’s Eve until you’ve done so at a South Padre Island open air deck with a cold drink in your hand, your arm around someone you love, good music in the background, a fun crowd, and fireworks bursting overhead in a cascade of multicolored sparks to ring in the New Year. Whoa. Come on down.

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