The Armand Bayou Coastal Preserve and Paddling Trail

Just outside Houston, and 30 minutes from Galveston Island is the Armand Bayou Coastal Preserve. Visitors have the opportunity to explore over 20 bayous that wind their way into Galveston Bay and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Bring your own kayak or canoe, or rent one from one of several outfitters in the region, and explore the estuaries as they make the transition from freshwater to saltwater. The Armand Bayou Paddling Trail has miles of trails; you can spend an hour or several days out there happy as a clam.

Armand Bayou covers approximately 2800 acres in southeastern Texas. Large prairies with narrow wooded stream bottoms are home to a myriad of fresh and saltwater lakes, ponds and marshes. 900 acres of rare coastal prairie is being restored to give a future to various native grasses and provide a home to the American alligator and ospreys.

Consider staying in a Texas Bed and Breakfast in the Houston – Galveston area. As spring heads toward summer and temperatures start to climb, cool off in theĀ  shade of the Armand Bayou.

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