Texas’ Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock State ParkJust about smack dab in the middle of Texas there is a gigantic dome of pink granite known as Enchanted Rock that has drawn and mystified visitors since the first human laid eyes upon it.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is hard to miss. Just 18 miles north of Fredericksburg its multiple granite domes rise from the surrounding vista to dominate the view. Enchanted Rock climbs a full 425 feet from its base at ground level and the entire dome covers 640 acres. Climbing Enchanted Rock is equivalent to climbing a 40-story building.

Formed a billion years ago, the granite of Enchanted Rock was a large pool of magma hidden some seven miles below the surface of the earth. It bubbled up just under the earth’s crust here and there, to slowly cool and harden into granite. Eventually, that outer surface of rock and soil was worn away to reveal the granite bubbles below: Enchanted Rock, Little Dome, Turkey Peak, and more.

Water collects in flatter portions of the formation and those that last for more than a few weeks are known as vernal pools. These pools can develop into microhabitats over time, supporting a unique group of plants and animals, such as the translucent, freshwater fairy shrimp. Consequently the pools are very fragile ecosystems.

Humans have lived on and off in this area for some 12,000 years, leaving signs such as bedrock mortars in the granite where they pounded grain. More than 400 archeological sites have been found here.

Visitors to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area hike, camp, rock climb, study nature, and geocache but, because it is a fragile environment that is heavily visited, please observe all rules and regulations, including checking in at park headquarters if you’re going rock climbing.

Enchanted Rock State Park


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