Longhorn Caverns

Longhorn Caverns are an amazing natural phenomenon in the Hill Country of Texas. If you are staying in a Texas Hill Country bed and breakfast near Kingsland or Marble Falls, you won’t want to miss Longhorn Caverns.

The Caverns have a long, fascinating history. Over thousands of years, water wore down the limestone bedrock and formed this intricate network of caves, tunnels and caverns. During the Ice Age, animals used the caves for shelter. Thousands of years later, the Comanche Indians dwelled in and around the caverns. During the Civil War, confederate troops found Longhorn Caverns to be an ideal spot to manufacture gun powder in secret.

These days, it is possible to tour Longhorn Caverns State Park in a number of ways: take a hiking tour, or a paranormal tour; take a photography tour, a geology tour, or a wild cave tour. All are interesting – the caverns are simply magnificent, and worth a visit.

You’ll find the Longhorn Caverns a delightful addition to your Texas Hill Country bed and breakfast vacation. The Hill Country is lovely above ground, and it is equally spectacular below ground.

longhorn cavern, originally uploaded by eschipul.

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