Texas Barbecue

There is nothing quite like perfectly done Texas Barbecue. Throw in some potato salad and a special sauce, part sweet, part tangy, and you’ve got the makings for a great afternoon.

A personal BBQ favorite of this author is from the Hill Country of Texas, just outside of Llano TX.  Coopers BBQ is a collection of unmemorable buildings; what stays with you is the vast collection of Pit Bar-B-Ques located outside. The aroma of brisket, chicken, chops and other carnivorous delights fills the senses and you are drawn to the black BBQ Pits to select your lunch off the grill.

The Barbeque Pits at Coopers outside Llano, TX

The Barbeque Pits at Coopers outside Llano, TX

Once inside, you sit on one of many long picnic-style benches with rolls of paper towel on the table for the mess you are about to make. Also scattered along the tables is the sweet nectar of Texas Hill Country: Coopers BBQ Sauce. A delicious blend of vinegar and sweet hickory smoked flavors, it should be drenched on everything.

As you dig into your meal, come up for breath about five minutes later to take in the surroundings. Large blow up prints of the former President Bush are displayed proudly; he lifts a piece of the finest Texas BBQ to his mouth in the same benches which you sit in now.

No trip to Texas Hill Country is complete without some spectacular barbecue, and Coopers is guaranteed to supply!

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