Dinosaur Valley

Dinosaur Tracks in Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Dinosaur tracks visible under the Paluxy River.

Dinosaur Valley, in North Texas, contains some of the most well-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world.

The footprints were made approximately 107 million years ago by giant, herbivore sauropods and smaller, two-legged, carnivorous theropods. They were discovered by paleontologist Roland Bird in the 1930s.

Bird excavated a stretch of the tracks and took them to the American Museum of Natural History, where they now reside. The tracks he left behind may not be quite as well preserved as the ones he took, but they are where they were made; that’s pretty impressive.

Dinosaur Valley State Park is located in Glen Rose, Texas. Stay in a Texas Bed and Breakfast while you explore all the park has to offer, from hiking and biking trails to the dinosaur tracks, a marvelous slice of prehistory.

Additional information about the dinosaur tracks is available here.

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