San Antonio Texas Folklife Festival

There are many reasons to visit San Antonio, Texas and stay in a lovely San Antonio bed and breakfast: walk along the cool, shaded San Antonio River Walk; visit the San Antonio Museum of Art; see The Alamo. These are all good reasons to head to this beautiful South Texas city, to be sure. Yet if you are thinking of traveling soon, consider heading to San Antonio for the Texas Folklife Festival.

Come to San Antonio for the Texas Folklife Festival

The Texas Folklife Festival is in it’s 39th year, and it is by far the biggest celebration of the Texas cultures in the state. It runs June 11-13, 2010, at the Institute of Texan Cultures on the UTSA HemisFair Park Campus. Friday from 5pm – 11pm, Saturday from 11am – 11om, and Sunday from noon – 7pm.

Expect to find food, music, dance, arts, and crafts from 40 different cultural groups found in Texas. The festival is spread out over 22 acres, and therefore has ample room for 50 dance troupes, 65 music groups, and 150 ethnic food stalls. There is even a carnival.

You may think you know Texas, but you will be surprised by the diversity of this great state. Eat empanadas the way they do in the Canary Islands (with a little Texas flair). Taste a cactus tuna cup, born of American Indian traditions. Lebanese falafel sandwiches, German sausage on a stick, and of course, Texas barbecue. Spend all your time nibbling your way through the food stalls, or take a walk in search of The Astonishing Mr. Pitts Medicine Show. Then find some music, for music is essential to culture and to this celebration.

If you can’t make the Texas Folklife Festival, come to a bed and breakfast San Antonio anyway, any time of year.

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