San Antonio’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

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The 2008 San Antonio Rock "n" Roll Marathon.

Marathon runners aren’t like everyone else. Lots of people run for fitness and health, but most stick to a distance of a few miles. Those who embark upon a race of more than 26 miles – and those who do this more than once in a lifetime – are quite simply a breed apart.

Just as marathon runners aren’t like other people, San Antonio’s Rock “n” Roll Mararthon isn’t like other marathons. Runners will be encouraged by music and cheered by fans who take cheering seriously. Is it possible to dance at mile 18? Find out during the San Antonio Marathon.

The big event takes place Sunday, November 13, 2011. The marathon starts at 7:30 a.m., and bands will be playing until the last runners cross the finish line. San Antonio Rock “n” Roll Marathon entertainment includes:

  • 4FTJ
  • A Variety of Bands from San Antonio
  • Vince Neil


San Antonio Texas Bed and Breakfasts welcome marathon runners, marathon walkers, and supportive friends and family. Spend a few days exploring San Antonio before the race, when you can still walk without limping. Indulge in gourmet breakfasts in San Antonio Bed and Breakfasts during your stay; you’re sure to want a few extra stored calories during the race. If you can, stay a day or two after the race, and let yourself be pampered.

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Please Rock “n” Roll Marathon for additional information.

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