Stop by D’Hanis, Texas

Those who stumble across D’Hanis, Texas, tend to be explorers: people who heed the call of the open road; travelers who take the long way home. It is worth a stop, to be sure, especially if you’ve a camera in hand. Catch the sun setting behind the Old Dominic Church Cemetery and Ruins, or rising over the old D’Hanis Brick Factory.


Visit the Old Brick Factory in D'Hanis Texas.

One of the charms of this South Texas town is its very remoteness. D’Hanis is a mere hour west of San Antonio, but it is largely forgotten in modern times. It is so quiet here it’s tempting to call it a ghost town; but make no mistake, D’Hanis Texas is for the living.

A D’Hanis TX Bed and Breakfast is an ideal place to escape from hectic lives. You’ll want to bring a good book – or two. Bring the person with whom you most enjoy conversation, and spend hours talking together. There are few external distractions in D’Hanis; you may feel compelled to sit quietly and relax.

One final point: if you like Chicken Fried Steak, be sure to stop by Bill and Rosa’s KK Steakhouse for a most delicious and generous serving of that southern treat.


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