The Cultural Feast of San Antonio

Museo Alamedo in San Antonio

A performance at the Museo Alameda in San Antonio.

San Antonio is home to a wonderfully rich blend of cultures. Mexican, Texas cowboy, and German cultural influences are found throughout the town. The evidence is everywhere: in the neighborhoods, the food, the music, and the art.

Shops sell turquoise jewelry, cowboy hats, and colorful wool blankets. Restaurants serve ceviche, steak, and bratwurst. An evening stroll along the River Walk will bring sounds of Mariachi and oompah bands to the ears, or heartfelt melodies picked sparsely on guitars. San Antonio is like a plate with slices of Mexico, Germany, and the Texas plains on it; taste them all during your stay.

Many San Antonio, Texas Bed and Breakfasts are located in the King William Historic District. Covering an expansive 25 blocks on the south bank of the San Antonio River, the King William Historic District boasts some of the most lovely residential architecture in the city. Wealthy German merchants built their homes here in the late 1800s, and most of these homes have been lovingly preserved and/or restored. The annual King William Fair, which takes place in 2012 on April 28, raises money for the preservation of the historic district.

San Antonio’s museums also reflect the city’s wonderful heritage. The Institute of Texan Cultures provides an overview of San Antonio’s diverse ethnic and cultural background, and an in depth look at its role in settling the American West. Museo Alameda is the largest Latino museum in the nation. The Instituto de Mexico features exhibits by Mexico’s past and present leading artists. The list goes on and on.

Instead of criss-crossing the world to visit Europe and Mexico, head to San Antonio. Have some chips and salsa, a thick American steak, and a glass of German beer. San Antonio is a cultural feast. Enjoy.

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