The Varner-Hogg Plantation

The Varner-Hogg Plantation makes a great day trip when you are staying at Houston area bed and breakfasts. Just 50 miles south of Houston, the historical plantation sits on 66 beautiful acres along Varner Creek. In some ways, this historical plantation mirrors the history of Texas.

The Varner-Hogg Plantation offers a fascinating glimpse into a slice of Texas history. The Varners, who were the first Anglo settlers on the property, received the land from Mexico in 1824. For ten years they worked the land, and were the first members of the Austin colony to distill spirits (rum). They sold the property to the Patton family in 1834.

The plantation grew under the Pattons, as did their wealth. Although they had only a few slaves when they first took over the plantation, ultimately they owned between forty and sixty slaves at any one time. The success of the plantation was dependent on slave labor.

After the Civil War and the end of Slavery, the Plantation used convicts as laborers. This is a fascinating chapter in the history of the south, and one that is frequently overlooked. Prisoners were often abused, and the program didn’t last.

As luck would have it, oil was discovered in the land in the 1920s – a fortuitous discovery for Hogg children, indeed.

The next time you have time to travel back in history, visit the Varner-Hogg Plantation south of Houston. It is worth it.

Varner Hogg State Historic Site

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