A Texas Bed and Breakfast Holiday

If you’re planning to visit family or friends in Texas during the holidays, stay in a Texas Bed and Breakfast. Our member inns are located throughout the state, from Fort Davis to Mineola, Lubbock to Corpus Christi. Wherever you plan to travel in Texas this holiday season, you are sure to find a Texas inn.

Desert Evening

When you get to the end of the road, look for a Texas Bed and Breakfast.

There are many good reasons to stay in one of our member Texas Bed and Breakfasts rather than at the home of your friends or family. This is especially true during the holidays, when stress levels tend to spike in even the most steadfast individuals.

The benefits of having separate lodging during the holidays:

  • More space. As Virginia Woolfe so wisely wrote, everyone needs “a room of one’s own.” Even if you will only be visiting for a few days, it’s best to have a place to go each evening so everyone can have a little down time. When you reconnect in the morning, everyone will be in a better mood.
  • Less cooking. Since you’ll be fed delicious breakfasts each morning at your inn, your hosts will have one less meal to prepare each day.
  • Less laundry. Your hosts will undoubtedly be preparing many meals and washing many dishes. Why add your sheets and towels to their laundry load, too?
  • Less is more. While it is wonderful to reconnect with the people you love, it’s best not to have to share a bathroom.


Staying at a Texas Bed and Breakfast is a delightful experience. You’ll feel like you’ve had a real vacation in addition to seeing your beloved friends and family. You’ll return home pampered and refreshed.

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