Celebrate New Year’s Eve the Way You Want

Not everyone likes to celebrate New Year’s Eve the same way. Some people want a big party, with lots of new faces. Some want to step out in style with a group of friends, for dinner and dancing. Still others want nothing more than a quiet evening with one special person.

20080825 Fiesta de San Bartolomé, San Antonio - fireworks display

Fireworks will light the sky in San Antonio on New Year's Eve.

Texas is a large, diverse state. It has big, cosmopolitan cities and small, historic towns. It has vast stretches of open land, and miles of coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas Bed and Breakfasts are located all over the state, in the big cities, the small towns, and the countryside.

Make New Year’s Eve special this year, no mater where or how you like to celebrate it, by spending it in a Texas Bed and Breakfast.

Stay close to home or go away for a night or two. If you enjoy all big cities have to offer, spend New Year’s Eve in Fort Worth,¬†San Antonio, or Dallas. If you’d like to wake up on January 1, 2012 and go for a walk on the beach, head to a Texas Bed and Breakfast on the Gulf Coast. If you’d like to spend a romantic evening sipping wine in a quaint, historic town, head to one of our member Bed and Breakfasts in the Texas Hill Country.

Special events are happening all over the state. There is a Midnight Volksport Walk in Fredericksburg, for anyone interested in walking in the new year. There are numerous concerts and galas all over Dallas and Houston. San Antonio hosts a huge, free celebration with live music on six stages, food, and fireworks.

New Year’s Eve should be spent however you feel comfortable spending it. We’re certain you’ll be comfortable in a Texas Bed and Breakfast.


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