Historic Fort Davis

The American frontier has sparked the imagination of people around the world for more than a century. In spite of all we know today about the cruelties of the time and injustices inflicted upon Native Americans, the West maintains its mythical status in American history.

Fort Davis National Historic Site_credit James D. Nations_NPCA

Fort Davis National Historic Site is worth the effort it may take to get there.

The men and women who settled the frontier were hard working and, if not fearless, certainly courageous. They traveled west in search of a better life, though many of them would never find it. They built homes and tried to scratch out a living from the inhospitable land.

The men sent to military outposts like Fort Davis were no less courageous or hard working than the people and parcels they were sent to protect. Living conditions were harsh in Fort Davis, though the surroundings were beautiful. Fort Davis National Historic Site is located along what was the southern-most route to California in the mid 1800s; soldiers stationned there protected travelers moving along the stretch of road between San Antonio and present day El Paso, including mail carriers and merchants.

The American West still maintains a powerful allure. Today’s travelers don’t need to depend on the soldiers once stationed at Fort Davis as they move from one West Texas Bed and Breakfast to the next. Still, Fort Davis National Historic Site is worth a visit.

Additional information about the fort may be found at Fort Davis.

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