Odessa’s Commemorative Air Force Museum

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Odessa, in West Texas, has a good number of museums worth visiting, if you happen to be heading to an Odessa Texas bed and breakfast. One of these is the Commemorative Air Force Airpower Museum, pictured above.

Their mission is to “help history soar,” and they do it by acquiring, restoring and preserving “a complete collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States, and selected aircraft of other nations, for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations of Americans.”

The planes are ready to fly if and when the chance arises. Indeed, the chance does arise from time to time. The CAF holds AIRSHO each October. At that time, over 100 historic planes are available for viewing, and many pilots and crew members are present to field questions and share their passion for these planes.

The Commemorative Air Force Museum is truly remarkable. It began as a hobby, but grew into an organization that has restored and preserved hundreds of historic planes. Check it out the next time you stay at an Odessa bed and breakfast. You may find yourself compelled to return during AIRSHO 2010.

For more detailed information about the museum or AIRSHO, please visit the Commemorative Air Force website.

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