Romance in Texas

Bed of Roses, originally uploaded by nyomee wallen.

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. Folks interested in getting away with their sweeties must be pleased that Valentine’s Day falls during the long President’s Day weekend in 2010. That makes it easier to hop in the car and whisk your loved one off to a romantic Texas bed and breakfast.

There is something inherently romantic about the Bed and Breakfast. Larger hotels can be lovely, of course, but the smaller scale of our inns feels more intimate. The rooms don’t all look alike. The food reflects the tastes and personalities of the innkeepers, and it is fresh and made from scratch. Inns feel homey, so guests are relaxed.

Many of our Texas inns offer romance packages. Flowers, chocolates, wine, champagne,… these items help create a celebratory mood. Massages, candlelit dinners, and in-room breakfasts may also be offered. These can be wonderful additions to an already special vacation. They are an ideal way to enhance occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.

So something different this year for the person you love. Put everything else in your life on hold, and have an adventure together. Be creative. Surprise her/him with a hot-air balloon ride. Plan a horseback ride together, or an afternoon at a spa. Texas bed and breakfasts are diverse and unique; find one that is just right for the two of you.


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