A Few Good Reasons to Have Your Wedding at a Texas Bed and Breakfast

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Texas weddings are beautiful

1. Weddings at Texas Bed and Breakfasts are inherently intimate. There is no such thing as a corporate bed and breakfast – that would be an oxymoron. Start your life together at a place where you feel special.

2. You can spend your first night together as a married couple at the Texas b&b where you marry. No need to rush off to catch a plane or drive for hours to some secluded, romantic place. You’ll already be at a romantic inn, and can relax there for a day or two. From there, the world is yours.

3. Your wedding party and family can stay at the Texas bed and breakfast, too. Book the inn the night before the wedding, and host your rehearsal dinner there. No one needs to drive after one toast too many – you just need to walk back to your room. You may even be able to arrange a pre-wedding spa day for the bride and bridesmaids.

4. Weddings at Texas bed and breakfasts are lovely, polished, events. It’s true. The innkeepers work day and night in the hospitality industry, and are used to making people happy. They often have a close working relationship with local caterers or wedding planners. This may be your first wedding, but it isn’t their first wedding.

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