Texas Weddings

If you ask people who are not from Texas what they think of Texas, more often or not you’ll get the answer “It’s big”. Having driven across and around Texas more than once, I can attest to the fact that it is big, so no argument there.

Consider a Texas Bed and Breakfast Wedding

Consider a Texas Bed and Breakfast Wedding

This post is about Texas Weddings. Certainly, there are big Texas Weddings, with lots of people, lots of food and drink, and lots of fun. But there are also intimate Texas Weddings, with a hand full of friends and family, and a great deal of fun. Both options can be realized at a Texas bed and breakfast, where you may host everything from the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon.

Hosting your wedding at a bed and breakfast means that the wedding party, and perhaps even some of the guests, can lodge on site. The setting is pretty much guaranteed to be beautiful, too, whether it is an old river front estate with gardens, a lush guest ranch, or a 100-year old mansion with a luxurious ballroom. It will not feel like a convention center – it will feel more like someone’s home. Perfect for an intimate wedding, which some people define as just the bride and groom, and others define as 70 of their closest friends. Yet it is also possible to have more than 70 guests at a Texas bed and breakfast wedding. Some inns can handle as many as 225 people.

If you are set on having a wedding in Texas, make it memorable. Have it at a Texas bed and breakfast.

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