Prairie Dog Town Prairie Dog Town

Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus)

The Black Tailed Prairie Dog.

There are many reasons to travel to the Texas Panhandle. One of them is to visit Prairie Dog Town.

Prairie Dog Town was established in the early 1930’s by Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy N. Clapp. What started as a modest home for four dogs has grown into a thriving colony–or town, as it were. Today, it is one of the most widely visited attractions in Lubbock.

Prairie Dogs are wonderfully adapted to life on the treeless plains of the American West. They burrow deep into the earth for shelter, and nibble on what grasses they can find for nourishment. They live in many areas of the United States, from the Mississippi River Valley to the Rocky Mountains, from Canada to Mexico.

Their society is fascinating to observe, and observe them is what visitors to Prairie Dog Town do. There are distinct “neighborhoods” in each town. There are familiar faces and strangers. There is love, confrontation, play, and gossip.

Prairie Dog Town is also home to Burrowing Owls and rattlesnakes. This keeps life exciting.

Is it worth traveling to Lubbock to see the Prairie Dog Town? Only you can say. What we do know is that, if you do come to town to see the dogs, you should stay in a Lubbock, Texas Bed and Breakfast.

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