Where to Stay When Visiting Texas Tech

Lubbock Texas Bed and Breakfasts welcome prospective Texas Tech students and their families.

A campus visit is an essential part any college search. If you or your child is going to spend several years at Texas Tech, you should know what the campus is like. You should know what the town is like. You should walk among the citizens of Lubbock for a time.

Jones AT&T Stadium

Jones AT&T Stadium at Texas Tech.

There is a Texas Bed and Breakfast quite close to Texas Tech. Ask the innkeepers what it’s like to live by the campus. Sleep there. Wake up early and, after a tasty, home made breakfast, tour the campus on your own or with a guide.

Guided tours and information sessions take place Mondays through Thursdays during the month of July, and Mondays through Fridays in August. Tours are also available on Saturdays, though information sessions are not. Techsan Previews are available Fridays in July – contact Texas Tech to learn more about this cutting edge look at campus.

It’s worth taking the time to visit several college campuses, even if doing so requires a good deal of travel through the Texas Panhandle. While visiting Texas Tech, you’ll be comfortable in a Bed and Breakfast Texas.

More information about visiting Texas Tech is available at Visit Texas Tech.

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