Fascinating Fort Davis

The next time you happen to be in West Texas, consider spending a few days at Fort Davis Texas bed and breakfasts. There are several good reasons to visit Fort Davis, such as its incredible Desert Nature Center Botanical Gardens and Fort Davis National Historic Site.

Fort Davis National Historic Site sits at the foot of Sleeping Lion Mountain and Hospital Canyon. It is one of the best-preserved 19th Century frontier forts in the country. In addition to the well-maintained buildings, there are interpretive and historical displays throughout that help bring the history of Fort Davis alive. Anyone who is interested in the early military history of the United States simply must make time to stop at the fort. Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy the hiking trails that lead from the fort up into the Davis Mountains.

The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens is four miles south of Fort Davis. It spread over 500 acres of beautiful West Texas land, with Mt. Livermore visible to the north and Blue Mountain to the southwest. Visitors will appreciate the informative Visitor’s Center, the Leapin’ Lizard Gift Shop, the arboretum, and the large greenhouse that houses over 200 species of Chihuahuan Desert cacti. Hikers may either head down to Modesta Canyon Springs or up to Clayton’s Overlook. If time allows, bring a picnic and do both.

These are just two of the attractions that Fort Davis Texas has to offer. Many more experiences await the traveler, from glider rides to wine tastings. If you are thinking about visiting, look into a Fort Davis bed and breakfast now.

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