Guadalupe Mountains National Park

If you are planning a trip to West Texas, be sure to put the Guadalupe Mountains National Park on your itinerary. In addition to being stunningly beautiful, it boasts one of the finest examples of fossilized reef in the world. It is fascinating to behold.

There is solitude here, and silence. Hikers will revel in over 80 miles of trails traversing woodland canyons and riparian springs. Some may want to head straight into the wilderness on switch-back trails that aren’t for the faint of heart (literally). Once in the back country, you’ll find isolated valleys and, if you stay the night, you’ll see more stars than one would think possible. Be sure you are well prepared before you set off on even a short hike. There is no water in the back country, and the weather can change suddenly.

The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is worth a visit even if you aren’t a hiker. It is a great spot for birding and fossil hunting. History buffs will enjoy learning about the geology of the area and the first peoples. You can’t go wrong.

So the next time you feel like a road trip, head to West Texas. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is four to five hours from both Odessa and Fort Davis. Enjoy the comfort and hospitality of West Texas Bed and Breakfasts on your way to and from the park.

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