The Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa, TX

Globe Theatre in London England

The Globe Theatre in London, England. The Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa is an exact replica of the original Globe Theatre in London. Photo by Ester Inbar. (Click image for attribution.)

One of the favorite attractions in Odessa is The Globe of the Great Southwest, a replica of the Globe Theatre in London, England. The Globe Theatre in which the original Shakespeare productions were played burned down in 1613. However, that theatre was rebuilt, both in England in 1614 and… in the great state of Texas!

The theater on Odessa College’s campus was the brainchild of Mrs. Marjorie Morris, a high school teacher who was inspired by a student’s remark about how great it would be if the town had its own Globe Theatre. This idea captured her imagination and in 1958 Mrs. Morris began her fundraising efforts. By 1968, the theatre was finished and its first season began.

Just like the original Globe, Odessa’s Globe of the Great Southwest has an octagonal shape and is made of the same wood and plaster which gives the space excellent acoustics. Its 1,800 square foot thrust stage gives audiences a much closer view of the actors and the action. Those seated in its balconies also have excellent unobstructed views.

All these qualities make it an excellent performance space. In addition to classical and modern plays, the not-for-profit theater also hosts community theater works and events as well as The Brand New Opree, a monthly country western show.

The Globe in Odessa is complete with a replica of Shakespeare’s wife’s cottage. The Anne Hathaway Library is right next to the theater and features displays about Shakespeare’s life and works.

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