The Wild and Isolated Davis Mountains

Midnight Mountain, originally uploaded by Ranger 1.

While sleep is precious, there are a few things in this world worth getting up for – one of which is to see Sawtooth Mountain illuminated by a full moon.

Sawtooth Mountain is located outside Fort Davis in the Davis Mountains, a wildly beautiful spot in West Texas. The mountains stand tall and solitary, surrounded by the Chihuahuan Desert. The Davis Mountains are considered an ecological island, since so many miles separate them from places with similar ecological conditions.

The Davis Mountains receive about 6 more inches of rain each year than the surrounding land. Given their elevation, the climate is considerably cooler than surrounding areas, as well. Because of these factors, the plants and animals of the Davis Mountains are not found in the lowlands around them. Bird lovers will find many interesting species to watch here, such as 10 species of delicate hummingbirds, the Montezuma Quail, and the Golden Eagle.

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