Visit Big Bend National Park

Deserts. Mountains. River. These three words accurately describe the landscape of Big Bend National Park, but they fall terribly short of revealing its vastness, its starkness, and its incredible beauty. To truly experience Big Bend, you have to stand in it.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Experience the beauty of Big Bend National Park.

Whether you stay in Big Bend National Park for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks, there’s a good chance you’ll leave wishing you had more time. The park is enormous and it’s still growing, encompassing land around it as it comes up for sale. It’s so big, it can be tempting for many visitors to simply drive through the park, in order to see “more” of it in a short time.

In truth, those who leave the roads enjoy the best of Big Bend. Even short hikes – those that leave the road behind by only a few yards – can have a tremendous impact on visitors. Away from the car, one immediately feels more capable and more vulnerable. Big Bend has that effect on people.

Great ways to explore Big Bend:

  • Walk the Window View Trail, a paved, wheelchair accessible trail in the Chisos Basin, only .3 mile (round trip) long. It affords wonderful views of the Chisos Basin and the Window.
  • Hike the Window Trail. This 5.6 miles (round trip) trail starts at high elevation and leads down to the Window. Views are magnificent.
  • Bike the Old Maverick Road to Santa Elena Canyon.
  • Bike the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive from Panther Junction to Castolon.
  • Dine at the restaurant in Chisos Basin.
  • Drive the 14-mile Dagger Flat Auto Trail, in the northern portion of the park.
  • Dip your feet in the Rio Grande. But don’t dip yourself. The river hides sudden drop-offs and dangerous currents.


Something about exploring the rugged environment of Big Bend National Park makes one want to sleep comfortably. The park is only about 123 miles from Fort Davis, Texas, a friendly town with a fascinating history. That’s a short distance in Texas. Fort Davis Texas Bed and Breakfasts offer the simple luxury of tranquility.

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Please visit Big Bend National Park for more information about traveling in the park.

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