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Our mission at the Texas Bed & Breakfast Association is to maintain relevancy by promoting, educating, and advocating for its members and the industry.  

Membership Levels



















Application Processing Fee


Upgrade within 1 year = waived


Full Property Review Fee    ($125  bi-annually)




Property Review  / Board Approval




Voting privileges / Board participation




Mentoring Opportunities








Convention discounts




Gift Certificate Program




TH&LA members - deduct $50 each year if paid by property



-$50  (TH&LA)

TBBA Facebook




Newsletter  availability




Website listing & hyperlink to your site




Brochure  listing




Magazine & TV Advertising




Gold Seal Certificates




Facebook-private group


Texas Innkeeper’s Resource Manual


1/2 off

1/2 off

Annual Fee*  




Renewal:  Anniversary Date




Renewal:  Anniversary Date

Based on # rooms: 
1-2     = $275 
3-6     = $335
7-15   = $395
16-30 = $455
31+    = $515
Renewal: billed in October/due by Jan 1

* Fees subject to change


Have you been thinking of starting your own Bed and Breakfast in Texas?    

Have you searched for or already purchased that "perfect" property and wondering where you go from here? Have you been in business for a while, but still need assistance with marketing or other operations?
If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you are probably inundated with information from various sources, including other states, and THAT can be very confusing!   Let us lend a hand to get you back on track!  The cost for this membership is $250 and includes the Innkeeper's Resource Manual a $150 value.

Click  Here  for an application for Aspiring Innkeeper Membership


The Texas Bed and Breakfast Association (TBBA) can aid you to dramatically minimize your learning curve, your timeframes, AND YOUR INVESTMENT, to guide you realize your dream of owning a SUCCESSFUL Bed and Breakfast!

Outline of what is included in the Innkeeper's Resource Manual

Business Basics

  • Just What is Innkeeping?
  • National Definitions & Distinctions of B&B/Inns
  • The Inn Guest
  • Starting a Business in Texas
  • B&B Start-up
  • Business Loans from the SBA

Innkeeper Resources

  • Start-Up Books, B&B/Country Inn Seminar Opportunities
  • Innkeeping & Lodging Associations
  • Lodging Inspection & Rating Organizations
  • B&B/Country Inn Journals & Newspapers

Standards & Regulations - State & Federal

  • Government Agencies & Helpful Telephone Numbers
  • Texas Health & Safety Code...
  • "Americans with Disabilities Act" (ADA) - Excerpts
  • Sign to post Limited Liability and Room Rates in rooms

Licensing, Fees & Taxes

  • Overview of Licensing Requirements, Selecting a Business Structure
  • Employer Requirements, Withholding Taxes
  • Summary of Texas Unemployment Compensation Act
  • Preservation Tax Incentives for Historic Buildings

Understanding Insurance

  • Understanding Insurance
  • Types of Policies and Coverages
  • Life Safety Tips
  • Loss Control Guide
  • Self-Inspection Procedure
  • Customer Incident Investigation Procedure
  • Appendix of Checklists

Marketing Your Inn

  • Popular Bed & Breakfast Internet Directories
  • Popular Bed & Breakfast Print Guidebooks
  • What Goes in a Press Kit?
  • Guidelines for Direct Marketing

Products & Services - Guide to Industry Vendors

  • TBAA Associate Members
  • Vendor Resources

Innkeeper's Resource Manual

Innkeeping in Texas, the Innkeeper's Resource Manual specific to TEXAS operations, has recently been revised to include the most up-to-date information on the basics and ongoing operations of Innkeeping in Texas.  When you order this invaluable resource manual, for a nominal fee of  $150, you will receive literature on the following topics:

Click HERE for an order form for the  Innkeepers Resource Manual 



Why join as a educational member? If you believe that you are not in a position at this time to pass the inspection for Professional Membership, becoming a educational member will allow you to participate in all TBBA functions as a member and will give you all of the organization's opportunities to learn more about the business of Innkeeping. It will also allow you to have mentors, current Professional members, who will be available to closely work with you to fine tune every aspect of your operation.

TBBA Educational Membership Program

Educational membership is a one-year program designed to introduce a property to all aspects of the small lodging industry and to prepare them for full membership in TBBA.  It complements and expands upon what is introduced in the Innkeeping Basics Workshop.

Application Requirements:

1.     Complete the Educational Membership Application.

2.     Pay initial dues of $200.00 by check or credit card.

3.     Send the application (mail or email) to the TBBA Office.  You will be notified of your actual date of membership.

Educational Program Benefits:

1.     Mentoring/Consulting Program

a.     You can ask to be assigned to a TBBA professional member who will be available to you as a resource.  Please ask for a property that is a list size property.

c.      You will be provided with the TBBA Certification Checklist for you to conduct a self- inspection of your property.

2.     The TBBA Office Administrator will contact you by phone during the last six months of this program to explain the certification process and to answer any questions about its requirements. 

3.     Innkeeping Newsletter - you will receive the TBBA quarterly newsletter so that you can keep up with the organization and its members and be informed about pertinent issues for our industry.

4.     You will be eligible to receive member pricing for the TBBA Annual Convention

5.     You may take advantage of member discounts with all of our Vendor Partners who provide services and products to the lodging industry.

6.     The application fee ($25.00) for Professional Membership in TBBA, if you apply within 12 months will be waved.  There will be a $175.00 property review fee.

7.  Can join TBBA Innkeepers Facebook private group.

What is the Mentoring Program designed to do? This year-long program will assist you in learning and in getting your questions answered in a timely way. You can contact the TBBA administrative office 979/836-5951 open Tues-Thurs. 9am -4pm to be assigned a mentor with a like sized property.  

Click HERE for a copy of the Educational Member application form



A Professional Membership Application must be submited to the TBBA Office, once received a Property Review will be scheduled.  After completion of the review, your property will be voted on by the Board of Directors.  Once approved you will receive a new member packet and a prorated invoice.  Once dues are received  the following Members Benefits will apply.

Based on # rooms: 

1-2     = $275 
3-6     = $335
7-15   = $395
16-30 = $455
31+    = $515
Renewal: billed in October/due by Jan 1

Members Benefits are: (all the benefits of the Educational level plus the following)

o       Being included on the high traffic internet website that receives thousands of    top-quality hits each month.  Plus each property has a free hyperlink to its own  home page through the Reciprocal Link Program.

o       Those who belong to Texas Hotel and Lodging Association receive discount  off dues to both organizations with the payment of yearly dues.

o       Receiving the quarterly newsletter from TBBA

o       Discounts on all conventions which provide extremely valuable education and  networking opportunities.

o       TBBA sells gift certificates to the public which can only be used at participating   TBBA properties.

o Can join TBBA Innkeepers Facebook private group

o Property specific posts on TBBA Facebook and Instagram

o Ability to share specials and promotions on TBBA Facebook page


Most important is the camaraderie and networking our members enjoy with their peers and colleagues.  The friendships and personal resources you can develop s a member will be invaluable to your success as and Innkeeping professional in Texas

Click HERE for a Professional Member Application

Professional Membership Standards

 Texas Bed and Breakfast Association (hereinafter TBBA) is known for its premier properties and exacting standards of hospitality.  A premier property is one that assures the highest levels of service, accommodation and comfort.  Premier properties incorporate uniqueness, quality and professionalism.



1.   The property must have architectural integrity inside and outside in keeping with the property’s aesthetic setting.  Aesthetics include décor, setting, ambiance, furnishings, and service.


2.   The décor must be compatible with the architecture and furnishings demonstrating an exacting standard of excellence.


3.   If you own, operate, and/or advertise more than one property in Texas, all guest rooms will be subject to inspection for membership approval.  In this context "operate" and "advertise" are intended to mean to do so in a way that gives the prospective guest the impression that the room or property is approved by TBBA.  

Click HERE for a complete copy of the Professional Member Standards


Click HERE for a complete TBBA Quality Assurance Standards Checklist


Click HERE for the complete TBBA Quality Assurance Standards.










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