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Recipe Submitted by the Brackenridge House B&B

(Makes about 6 pancakes or 7 – 8 crepes)

1-cup flour
1-cup milk
3 eggs separated
½ teaspoon vanilla
Pinch salt

Mix flour, milk, egg yolks and vanilla. Set aside.

Beat egg whites like for meringue. Fold together. Cook in butter or margarine over medium heat.

Use the same recipe for crepes but do not separate the eggs and add a tablespoon of oil. We brush the crepe pan with oil rather than butter.

Comment: We were stationed with Dick and Chris Henningsen in the Philippines and in Germany. One morning at his house, he made the most wonderful pancakes. Pancakes were always something I couldn’t cook. No matter what I did, they didn’t come out right. Dick gave me his mom’s recipe above and it is the best one I have ever tasted. We do the crepes at the Brackenridge House with orange sauce (recipe below). They taste just like crepe suzettes. This recipe may be double or tripled. We serve 3 crepes per person.

Orange Sauce

1 6 oz can concentrated frozen orange juice
½ stick butter
½ cup sugar

Put everything in a skillet and heat and stir. When sugar is dissolved, lay a crepe on top of the mixture and using tongs, fold it in quarters and push to the side of the skillet. Repeat with remaining crepes. Serve with bacon or sausage, sprinkled with powdered sugar and sliced almonds.

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