South Texas

Travel Guide – South

South Texas, in some ways, seems to have barely changed since it belonged to Mexico. This region still has a deep connection with it’s south of the border heritage. The area is drenched in history, and the sense of time travel that one experiences as they visit the Alamo and other missions from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries is an enjoyable South Texas phenomenon. That, and the unbelievable Mexican food that can be found in this area. Home of the famous Alamo, San Antonio has become one of the top five tourist destinations in the United States and the top tourism location in Texas. Because San Antonio is home to such an important part of American History, the city has excellent accommodations and attractions for all of their visitors. San Antonio is a community with some very interesting footprints from the past. Along with the Alamo, the San Antonio River has a long history in Texas culture. Over centuries of development, dams and draining, the relationship between the river and the city is reminiscent of Venice. It is a beautiful and unique interaction between urban landscape and flowing water that makes the Riverwalk so majestic. It can be enjoyed afloat or on foot, where one can spend hours drinking something refreshing by the waterfront of browsing the many shops. There is also the San Antonio zoo, Seaworld, the home of Shamu, as well as a Six Flags theme park. La Villita is one of the original neighborhoods of San Antonio and today is full of shops, art galleries and other attractions. Just outside of San Antonio are the amazing Cascade Caverns, natural underground caves that contain a 100 foot waterfall! There is so much to do in South Texas, you may never want to head North!