Texas Hill Country

Travel Guide – Hill Country

The Hill Country of Texas is home to ranches as large as small counties and families that round up their cattle on horseback. It is filled with tiny clean springs and blankets of wildflowers during certain parts of the year. It is also a hunter’s paradise.

If you smell BBQ while driving through one of the many small towns in the area, make sure to stop. You never know what kind of tangy, savory masterpiece you might miss. One such location is Coopers World Famous BBQ in Llano. Inside the restaurant, candid photos of President Bush chomping on brisket and ribs attest to the fact that even though there’s paper towels on the tables, this BBQ is fit for royalty. That is kind of how it is in the Hill Country: good enough for the Queen of England, but inhabited by the average man. The rolling hills are also home to natural wonders like the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Enchanted Rock, just outside of the town of Fredericksburg, is a huge pink granite dome, one of the largest of it’s kind in the United States. Fredericksburg itself is a lovely town, with a rich German heritage including fun Bier gardens and turn of the century buildings that now house restaurants and romantic Bed and Breakfasts.

In this same area, visitors who want a taste of true Texas nightlife should head over to London Dancehall. A fifteen minute drive from the town of Junction, the London Dancehall is one of the oldest dance halls in Texas and a true slice of the Texas culture. Real cowboys, the Texas two-step, and Lone Star Beer. The building itself is over 100 years old, and on the weekends anywhere between 200 and 800 revelers gather for some honkey tonk.