West Texas

Travel Guide – West

West Texas is like nowhere else. Amongst the towering desert skyline, people in West texas have learned to commune with the stunning nature around them. The Midland Odessa area is spotted with oil wells, giving away the secret of the vast wealth underneath this seemingly barren landscape. But that is part of the wonder of the desert. It may seem barren, but it actually a blossoming habitat.

One of the largest attractions is Big Bend National Park. Big Bend holds three different climates: desert, mountain and river. For the outdoor enthusiast, Big Bend has everything to offer and more. Primitive roads lead to remote car camping and the Rio Grande can provide unmatched solace during single or multi-day float trips. There are a variety of tour groups stationed in some of the tiny and entertaining border towns around Big Bend, such as Terlingua, which lead travelers on river rafting, jeep expeditions and ATV tours, as well as hiking. The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!

After outdoor adventures, wander back into one of the tiny and charming towns that dot West Texas. Alpine is the home of Sul Ross State University and the hub of Big Bend. Marfa is an interesting town with a ghostly history. From the first recorded sighting of the Marfa lights in 1883, no one has been able to give a scientific explanation to the mysterious lights that occur in the same place night after night. Some think it is only headlights reflecting from the nearby highway, others believe it is the spirit of an Apache Chief. Marfa is a town in transition, holding into the feeling of a west Texas settlement, but also adjusting to the influx of a remarkable number of artists and second homeowners from areas like Dallas, Houston, Austin and New York.