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How to #BookDirect

Book DirectNot sure of the best way to book your stay? 

Many guest are confused these days on making online bookings.  They Google a search and when the properties come up, they see this big blue BOOK A ROOM button.  Oh, great this will be easy.  Nope, problem is you just went to an OTA (online travel agent), what, you thought you were coming to the inns website to book.

Let us show you how easy it is. 

It can be confusing world on the internet these days.  We hope to help you out with just a little education.  Go ahead and do your searches and when you see an Inn you like, by pass that big blue Book A ROOM bar and go over to the right and click on the little Blue “Website” button. This will take you directly to the inn’s website and they will have a book or availability button to click.

Guest will be much better off booking direct with the inn for several reasons.  You will be looking at the website of that inn that describes the property, their policies (yes, you need to read them), have a better selection of rooms and descriptions of each and many other things the property has to offer, like packages.

If, there is a problem or you need to change something, it’s a simple email or phone call to the innkeeper and they can work it all out for you. If you have diet needs, you can make sure they know that or get more description of the room you want to stay in.  If you have booked with an OTA, this is not going to be the service you will get, and if you have to cancel….it can be a costly and lengthy process.

So, why is the big Blue bar there in the first place.  Well, Google has a big game going on, they make the OTA.s pay them when they get a booking.  Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, but then the Inn has to pay that OTA usually an 18% commission for that booking.  Wow!  So you ask why do we list with the OTA’s?  Another game with Google, if we are not listed to show rooms to book, they will make sure we don’t show up in the search.

We hope this helps you understand how to #BookDirect, just remember, you want to click, Website button for making your reservations.

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