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What? You never stayed in a B&B

With a state as big as Texas, why you have never staying in a bed and breakfast! Are you one of those folks who love to travel, go explore and experience new things? I know there are lots out there … Continue reading

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Great Trails of Texas

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Texas Bed & Breakfast Association presents these Great Trails of Texas We hope to provide travelers with the customized trails for those who want to enjoy the unique experiences and lodging Texas has to offer. Are you looking to revel … Continue reading

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Stars at Night Trail

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For travelers who are taken-in by the big, dark skies of Texas. The Bed and Breakfasts on this trail have been curated to provide you with the best opportunities to see the “stellar” views, enjoy local stargazing activities and hosts … Continue reading

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Outdoor Adventure Lovers Trail

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Texas bed and breakfast association has at least 46 members listed on our website when you search for various activities. Whether it’s an ocean, lake, river, state park, canyon or just a beautiful backyard…there’s something to do…or not do …in … Continue reading

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