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It’s a New Day for a BNB Stay!

Pool at beautiful bed and breakfastWhat is the advantage of staying at a B&B instead of your typical box lodging places?

There are some amazing hotels out there that have great amenities, nice beds and big screen TV’s, but have you ever considered what a B&B might have to offer you?

First let’s start with the most personal one on one customer service you will ever experience.  If you like booking your rooms online, then your b& b host will be the one to take care of that reservation for you and will most likely get back with you via email, text or a personal phone call.  A b& b host loves to know why you are coming to their town, what your interest are and what you love to eat and shop for.

If you prefer to call and talk with your b& b host, then you will have a firsthand experience of what your stay will be like.  Your host can make sure that your room is just right for you and will meet your needs. Say for example, you can’t really do stairs very well, then your host can direct you towards the room that has no or the least amount of stairs.  How about your diet, you can tell them first hand if there are food preferences or allergies so that your breakfast can be cooked according to your health needs.  Prefer vegan, just let them know.

If you are heading to their town for an experience, say a play at a local theater,  then they can make sure you have your tickets, tell you the best place to eat that will be close by and where to have that after show dessert.  Looking for antiques?  Your host can send you on the best route for your antique fix and maybe even a few fun garage sales going on that day.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for privacy and seclusion or going on an adventure outing to go zip lining, your local B&B host will be able to make sure your experience for the weekend is the best it can possibly be.

And by the way, be sure that if you choose to book online, make sure that you by pass that blue button that says Book Now, so you don’t get caught up in the Online Travel Sites web, but go to the properties direct web site and Book Direct with them.  You will have a much better experience and get the best prices and service from your local B&B owners.

We hope you will consider staying at  any of our member properties at Texas Bed & Breakfast Association. Visit our web site to find your next

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