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The Best Texas Cheeses and Their Makers: A Culinary Exploration

When it comes to cheese, Texas offers an impressive variety that reflects the state’s diverse agricultural heritage and innovative spirit. From creamy Bries to robust blues, Texas cheesemakers are producing some of the finest cheeses in the country. Here’s a look at some standout Texas cheeses and the artisans behind them.

Fresh Chevre from Pure Luck Farm & Dairy

Located in Dripping Springs, Pure Luck Farm & Dairy is renowned for its Fresh Chevre. The farm’s Nubian and Alpine goats graze on organic land, producing milk that yields cheese with a dense texture and subtle citrus notes. This fresh chevre is perfect for spreading on crackers or crumbling over salads.

Ol’ Redneck Cheddar by Veldhuizen Farm

Bonham’s Veldhuizen Farm creates a distinctive cheese known as Ol’ Redneck Cheddar. This cheese stands out because it is soaked in Texas dark beer during the cheesemaking process. The result is a sharp cheddar with a malty sweetness that pairs well with a cold brew.

Indigo Ridge by River Whey Creamery

In Schertz, River Whey Creamery produces Indigo Ridge, a Gouda-style cheese aged for eight months. Its creamy texture and mild, rich flavor make it a favorite among cheese lovers. It’s an excellent choice for a cheese board or melted-over dishes for added depth.

Baby Blue from CKC Farms

CKC Farms in Blanco offers Baby Blue, a semi-soft blue goat cheese with a marbled, brie-like texture. Made in small batches, this cheese has a distinct flavor that stands out in salads or as a unique addition to cheese platters​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​.

Tomme de Hood by Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese

Eagle Mountain Farmhouse Cheese in Granbury produces Tomme de Hood, a firm, nutty cheese named after Hood County. This cheese is made from whole milk curds pressed into wheels and aged to develop a robust, nutty flavor. It’s perfect for slicing and serving with fruits and nuts​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​.

Brie from Brazos Valley Cheese

Waco’s Brazos Valley Cheese crafts an award-winning Brie from raw cow’s milk, aged up to 60 days. This soft cheese offers a rich, creamy texture with a pronounced finish, making it ideal for pairing with crusty bread and fresh fruit. Their seasonal Mountain Maple Brie, wrapped in mountain maple bark, is also a must-try​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​.

Deep Ellum Blue Cheese from The Mozzarella Co.

The Mozzarella Co. in Dallas produces Deep Ellum Blue, a semi-soft blue cheese aged for at least six weeks. Known for its creamy and earthy flavors, this cheese is handcrafted using traditional methods, making it a standout in any cheese collection​ (Discover Real Food in Texas)​.

Where to Buy the Best Texas Cheeses

Houston Dairymaids: This Houston shop offers a curated selection of over 150 American-made cheeses, including many from Texas.

Scardello: Located in Dallas, Scardello focuses on artisanal cheeses from Texas and beyond, offering a diverse range of flavors.

Ten: One Artisan Cheese: Denton’s Ten: One Artisan Cheese provides a mix of local and international cheeses, ensuring something for every palate.

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop: In Austin, Antonelli’s not only sells a wide array of cheeses but also hosts events like tastings and classes, making it a community hub for cheese enthusiasts.

Exploring Texas cheeses is a delightful journey through the state’s rich agricultural landscape. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual cheese lover, these cheeses and their makers offer something truly special. For more detailed insights, check out the full articles on Discover Texas Real Food and Texas Monthly.


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