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What? You never stayed in a B&B

With a state as big as Texas, why you have never staying in a bed and breakfast!

Are you one of those folks who love to travel, go explore and experience new things? I know there are lots out there who do, and yet I hear often, they have never stayed at a bed & breakfast. So, let’s talk about why you never have.

We first need to dispel some of the thoughts about sharing baths, old linens and Grandma’s picture hanging on the wall in your bedroom. All of the members of the Texas Bed & Breakfast Association have lots of unique properties, but all are highly inspected for quality control of what is offered and safety and personal touches for your experience. I honestly don’t think there are any b&b’s that make you share a bathroom with any one any more, most properties want your privacy to be of up most importance. They offer new bedding and most have very nice luxury sheets and some of the nicest amenities that you can find. There are some wonderful b&b’s that will still have the beauty of the furnishing that make their historic inns what they are. But, you will also find many of the properties have taken on a new more modern look. As innkeepers, we try hard to cater to all folks from the more mature traveler that may love the historic inns to the younger crowd who want a more clean line look and all the electronic gadgets a room can have.

Most of the properties will be offering you a breakfast, which may be a wonderful in room continental breakfast, a large buffet to enjoy with other guest or some offer breakfast delivered to your room. Which ever you love best, you will find a property that will offer what you are looking for. Most have coffee ready early morning for you to have or in room coffee makers so you can make it at your time of arising.

You will find bathrooms that go from the quaint clawfoot tub, or the luxury jacuzzi with all the bells and whistles. You will find the amenities you need like personal bath products and hair dryers and some even offer a personal toothbrush, cotton swabs and all that you might have in your bath at home.

I would like for you to take a glimpse at what we have to offer as the Texas Bed & Breakfast Association, the best spot is to start on our Pinterest page and view some of the properties that catch your eye. After that, head on over to our website and book your stay at one of the many great stays of Texas.

happy travels!!

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